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  • Welcome! Don't have a harp circle near you? Our Virtual Harp Circle could be just the place to bring you in contact with other harp players! Our virtual harp circle originally began as a spot for beginning harp players...
    572 members Last activity 13 Oct
  • Transpennine Harps - the Transpennine Branch of the Clarsach Society. The group exists to promote learning and playing the Clarsach (Celtic or Small Harp...
    45 members Last activity 11 Oct
  • Hi & welcome to our friendly group of harpists, harp business owners, soon-to-be harpists, harp builders, and harp makers. A common interest in the harp is what links us together. This is a place to talk about just...
    191 members Last activity 25 Sep
  • This mailing list is a continuation of Harpmakers mail list started by Keith Rogers, which in turn was spawned from the Harp mail list. We discuss all subjects pertaining to design, construction and repair...
    483 members Last activity 13 Oct
  • This is a proposal for the advancement of discussion, education, fellowship and support for the members of the local harp community. Mission statement To develop and encourage skills, knowledge, and enjoyment in playing the harp in an informal, supportive and non-competitive...
    162 members Last activity 15 Oct
  • This list is for all those interested in historic pedal harps (both single-action and double-action)being used today, their music, performance techniques, museum examples, restoration and modern reproductions.
    155 members Last activity 9 Aug
  • Novice harpists who enjoy getting together and playing music.
    13 members Last activity 20 Jun
  • This group is for the board members of the ISFHC (International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen).
    10 members Last activity 19 Sep
  • Those interested in the playing and/or making of wire strung harps are welcome to check in with us. If this is the kind of harp music that really gets your soul singing, then join us.
    476 members Last activity 16 Sep
  • The Washington Area Folk Harp Society started in 1982 as a group of friends meeting every other month to play tunes together. From this start, the group has grown into a full-fledged...
    82 members Last activity 20:52