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  • A mailing list for those who are researching the genealogy of their Polish ancestry.
    952 members Last activity 08:04
  • Hello and welcome! This site is YOUR site!...created for all genealogists from the novice to the expert, where many walls have been knocked down, new cousins meet, and friendships are made. We...
    682 members Last activity 13:10
  • This Genealogy Trails Mailing list covers the history and genealogy of these Midwestern states: Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Kansas This mailing list...
    457 members Last activity 15 Aug
  • This is a site for everyone interested in the history of Whitby.
    439 members Last activity 05:19
  • Genealogy research of all ethnicities in and around Bukowsko, Poland (near Sanok). This map shows the loose borders of the Bukowsko Triangle . (It's not actually a Triangle...)
    350 members Last activity 15 Aug
  • The purpose of the Florida Keys Genealogy Group is to share genealogy information of the Keys and Key West. We will strive to help all group members identify their ancestors so that Keys family...
    288 members Last activity 19:58
  • "Understanding our past helps us to understand ourselves".... Ne Obliviscaris is Latin for "Forget Not" This website is dedicated to the ancestors and...
    228 members Last activity 06:43
  • The James W. Dillon House Museum Dillon, South Carolina
    128 members Last activity 15:05
  • This Genealogy Trails Mailing list covers the history and genealogy of these Southern states: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky This...
    506 members Last activity 11:26
  • Continuation of Timmerman@yahoogroups.com consisting of Timmerman, McManus, Ouzts, Clegg, Faulkner, Horn(e), DeVore, Holloway, Holley, Lewis...
    47 members Last activity 18:36