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  • PARUTHIYUR KRISHNA SASTRI PARIVAAR Named after the earliest known ancestor from the 17th Century, this is a Group to bring Family Members who hail from Tanjore...
    254 members Last activity 7 Dec
  • A group of serious CASTEEL researchers and cousins working together to compile and publish a book on the life and descendants of Capt. Edmund Du Chastel. Target date for publication is 2009.
    196 members Last activity 12 Dec
  • Descendants of Stella Butcher and William R. Hale. Originally from West Logan, West Virginia
    36 members Last activity 21:43
  • This email group is intended to be just for members of the Maroon family from Niagara Falls, NY. It is a way for us to continue our crazy relationship online Group Moderator: maroon-owner...
    18 members Last activity 10 Dec
  • The Robbins Family Society is a continuation of the good work done by the Robbins Family of New Jersey Yahoo Group. The Robbins Family Society will build upon...
    68 members Last activity 08:34
  • This group consists of all the descendents and their spouses of Dr. Gorur Srinivasamurthy and Sringarammal
    74 members Last activity 3 Dec
  • Looking for your Binkley roots? Whether you just want to know who your great-grandfather was or whether you want to learn where your immigrant ancestor came from, this is the group for you! Our only requirements...
    282 members Last activity 12 Dec
  • A place to share Birthday information for the Greater Northup Family. Includes anyone related in to the Northup family by marriage, etc.
    64 members Last activity 11 Dec
  • All about the genealogy research of the Broadwater Matney, Brooks Matney, Clement Matney, and related families. Semi data and chat list.
    117 members Last activity 10 Dec
  • Welcome to the Francis-Lang-Robinson-Greig Family Tree. We are all related to Alvarez Wendell Francis born in Minnesota on 21 January 1893 (son of...
    25 members Last activity 11 Dec