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  • This list was started on December 18, 2000. and is a moderated list. It is for discussions relevant to folding trimarans inspired by the original concept created by Ian...
    5194 members Last activity 26 Jun
  • User group for users of the Sailwave sail race scoring software. Get Sailwave at http://www.sailwave.com/
    2672 members Last activity 04:32
  • Information request and response group for members of the Westerly Owners Association and others who are interested in Westerly Yachts
    2711 members Last activity 16:06
  • Columbia Yacht Owners Association. This group comprises Owners and Prospective Owners of Columbia and Coronado Sailing Yachts. Technical...
    2341 members Last activity 07:04
  • A meeting place for those interested in discussing and promoting the Catalina 30 sailboat. Moderated by the "Mainsheet" Technical Editor of the International Catalina 30/309...
    2092 members Last activity 16:11
  • Announcements-only list for the Cal Sailing Club in Berkeley, California. Here's what qualifies as an "announcement": - Announcements for Fast tracks, races, sailing...
    1237 members Last activity 13:28
  • A place in cyberspace where owners of yachts built by Chantiers Amel in La Rochelle, France (Kirk, Super Mistral Sport, Meltem, Fango, L'Euros...
    1391 members Last activity 21:14
  • Group of Leopard Sailing Catamaran owners wishing to correspond on issues with their boats.
    1160 members Last activity 19:40
  • A list for the exchange of sailing and boating information for Cal owners and lovers/admirers of Bill Lapworth's legacy and great sailcraft designs.
    1208 members Last activity 18:42
  • Welcome to the "Baba-L@Yahoo" group for Baba-Panda-Tashiba sailboat owners, friends, and owners of boats designed by Bob Perry (Valiant, Tayana, etc.) and other...
    956 members Last activity 20:48