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  • WELCOME TO THE NJSBCL YAHOO GROUP. This is a group of Cricket loving people who want to promote competitive weekend softball cricket, in the tri-state area centered around NJ. The group is...
    1029 members Last activity 15 Oct
  • A forum for members of the Association of Cricket Statisticians and Historians to discuss topics of interest. Views expressed are those of individual members and do not necessarily represent those of the...
    150 members Last activity 16 Oct
  • Indus CC , Cricket at its excellence...
    97 members Last activity 11 Oct
  • Incorporated in 2001, MCL is the newest cricket league based in New Jersey. MCL has teams participating from all over the NY tri-state area. While the league enjoys and...
    105 members Last activity 15 Oct
  • A team with passion for the game of Cricket
    52 members Last activity 12 Oct
  • Cricket - A passion for us.
    32 members Last activity 16 Oct
  • Welcome to Hill Country Cricket Association of Texas. We play on weekends between 8:30am and 3pm regularly. We have around 90 members[and still growing]; Even non-members and guests...
    131 members Last activity 9 Oct
  • Charlottesville's Cricket Club.
    74 members Last activity 12 Oct
  • Passion, Enthusiasm, Right spirit, Fun and Cricket. Join the team today. Keep Smiling Always
    40 members Last activity 13 Oct
  • A group for the members and friends of Alfreton Cricket Club
    125 members Last activity 16 Oct