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  • The leading group for news and informed discussion about London buses. Welcome to the current home for the original London Bus Group, which has been in existence since 1999. This group is for the exchange of news...
    1102 members Last activity 10 Oct
  • Bus or fleet news from around Wales
    613 members Last activity 13 Oct
  • Exchange news and views on buses operating in Essex.
    469 members Last activity 13 Oct
  • This is a group to discuss and post pics on the operations of Arriva Fox County (as was) and Arriva Derby. However, it is not a forum to make specific complaints. Thank you to all regular...
    180 members Last activity 13 Oct
  • This group relates to the London Vehicle Finder Application (LVF). Join to discuss issues that have been found with LVF or make suggestions as to new features.
    141 members Last activity 13 Oct
  • Once the greatest bus operator in the land, serving Greater Manchester from 1969-1993. This group is dedicated to the exchange of information and photographs of SELNEC, GMT, GM Buses and...
    605 members Last activity 7 Oct
  • This group is intended to cater for all your reports of buses and coaches in the East Midlands - notably Notts, Derbys, Leics, Northants and Lincs. The aim is to create a...
    460 members Last activity 11 Oct
  • This site is for Bus & Coach enthusiasts, and enables anyone with an interest in photographing Buses & Coaches (Or just enjoys looking at other peoples photos) to ask...
    211 members Last activity 11 Oct
  • The email group for Stagecoach enthusiasts to send information to each other
    1203 members Last activity 14 Oct
  • Welcome to a group where members are free to post news, photos, historical and current information on Bus and Coach operators in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire (Northants is...
    328 members Last activity 12 Oct