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  • Do you find it hard to find someone who loves the talented Dr. Daniel Jackson (performed by michael shanks) on Stagate SG-1? well then this site is for you. If you love him, subcribe to this site, and tell people how you feel.
    248 members Last activity 09:52
  • all about the gorgeous Michael shanks. talk about anything you like, as long as it's to do with Michael.
    126 members Last activity 12 Dec
  • Just a friendly place to discuss Michael Shanks of Stargate SG-1 and his career. Hopefully, it's a place where people tolerate differences with respect, much as Michael's character of 'Daniel Jackson' does...
    144 members Last activity Aug 8, 2013
  • This group is the mailings list for the fans of the actor Michael Shanks. Sign up only if you want us to email you updates on whats going on with Michael Shanks. ** All members may...
    119 members Last activity Nov 23, 2012
  • Yet another Stargate SG-1 list? Maybe. Maybe not! Come in and find out!!! We're here to join in our, um, *appreciation* of Dr Daniel Jackson, anthropuppy in persona, and actor Michael Garret...
    113 members Last activity Jun 21, 2012
  • Announcement list for the website Unofficial Michael Shanks (http://www.michael-shanks.com)
    71 members Last activity Mar 27, 2013
  • Hi, this club is dedicated to the wonderful and talented actor, Michael Shanks.
    49 members Last activity Jul 15, 2016
  • Hello, this club is dedicated to Michael Shanks and Stargate SG-1.
    62 members Last activity Aug 21, 2015
  • Isn't this photo just great? I hope you'll get fun out of speaking with other fans of Michael Shanks here in this club. Feel free to post a message and chat.
    22 members Last activity Oct 28, 2011
  • Welcome one and all. Thank you for joining my group. I formed this group as a huge fan of Michael Shanks and his work. As the name says this is all about Michael beyond the Stargate. He...
    13 members Last activity Nov 23, 2012