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  • The group exists to talk about The Archers, the longest-running soap opera in the world. Discussion of actors, plot lines, the past present and future of Ambridge and all pertaining to it is welcome.
    139 members Last activity 11 Oct
  • A place to discuss the BBC radio comedy game show Just A Minute, and its regulars Paul Merton, Kenneth Williams, Derek Nimmo, Sir Clement Freud, Peter...
    950 members Last activity 13 Oct
  • For discussion of the wildly successful cult British radio comedy series I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again (aka 'The Wonder Show'; originally broadcast in 1964-1973 and 1989), which had its origins in the...
    157 members Last activity Aug 28, 2014
  • 243 members Last activity 24 Sep
  • The Radio 4 "UK Theme" at 5.30am is a collection of UK folk songs, carefully interwoven to produce a great piece of music with which to start the day. It has been around for 33 years, and was created by...
    1116 members Last activity Jan 5, 2014
  • Do you listen to Robert Elms on London Live? Is he all that's left for you of the glory days of GLR? If you can't exist between the chat sessions bring it here and stay in touch with other enthusiasts.
    108 members Last activity Apr 26, 2014
  • We thought it was about time Victoria had a fan club! This site is dedicated to the "sublimely talented" Victoria Derbyshire of BBC Radio Five Live's Breakfast...
    137 members Last activity 12 Mar
  • A group for the discussion for the discussion of the works of Henry Reed, particularly the seven Hilda Tablet plays, but including his other radio work and poems.
    50 members Last activity Feb 4, 2014
  • This is the official Copper Committee group to be used for fellow members to exchange dreams and ideas. Please keep it clean and spam free. This'll be one in the eye for those Platinum Club saps...
    77 members Last activity Apr 10, 2016
  • R2OK! is dedicated to the 'BBC Radio 2' station in UK and on-line. This group was borne out of the membership of BBC Radio 2 forums, and in particular the forum that used to discuss Shows and...
    49 members Last activity Sep 4, 2012