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  • The Essential Herbal (www.essentialherbal.com) is a printed magazine written by, for, and about herbies and the things they love - HERBS!!! It comes out every 2 months and is filled with herb...
    1213 members Last activity 22 Nov
  • This list is open to all, but it is to the beginner that it is especially devoted! While you are learning the basics here we want you to feel comfortable and free to ask any question you like. There are many persons here who know a lot about...
    1213 members Last activity 21 Nov
  • Mailing List of All the Botany Teachers of Delhi University.
    288 members Last activity 16 Nov
  • This group was set up to discuss palms and cycads and related subjects with people from all round the world and for our local members in nz that are unable to attend meetings but would like to be kept informed still
    245 members Last activity 18 Nov
  • We are just a group of Aussies who would like to assist others with the dissemination of correct information on methods to grow Adenium in this country. We also welcome as members, collectors of other plants, Orchids...
    87 members Last activity 18 Nov
  • This group is a forum intended for those with a serious interest in the study of diatoms (Bacillariophyta). These microscopic organisms are famous for their ubiquitous occurrence in aquatic environments, and for the beauty of...
    135 members Last activity 18 Nov
  • Türkiye ve dünyada sistematik botanik konusuna ilgi duyan ve çalışma yapan araştırıcıların ilgisine.
    792 members Last activity 16 Nov
  • FORUM for the Exchange of information on Adenium and Pachypodium ADENIUM is also known as "Desert Rose", "Karoo Rose", "Impala Lily", "Sabi Star", "Mock...
    3797 members Last activity 13 Nov
  • This is a group forum of Thailand and friends whose interest is focused on the propagation, cultivation of Adeniums. We can discuss and share with all Adenium Hybrid not only Obesum but also Arabicum...
    200 members Last activity 21 Nov
  • Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society User Group
    221 members Last activity 15 Nov