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  • AG Buddies 2 is a FRIENDLY list for discussion of assorted vinyl play dolls such as the American Girl Doll, Magic Attic Club, My Twinn, Bitty Baby...
    654 members Last activity 16 Oct
  • Lee Middleton Eurick began her doll-making career in 1978 by sculpting portrait dolls for private commissions. Soon, however, her heavy schedule would no longer permit her to continue doing...
    126 members Last activity 8 Oct
  • This group is an addition to the AGBuddies2 Chat List. This list is for the sale or trade of American Girl dolls and accessories as well as other 18" vinyl play dolls. All arrangements...
    129 members Last activity 18 Jul
  • For anyone who enjoys "The Magic Attic Club", "Penney & Friends", "Global Friends", the "i dolls" (from "Just Pretend") EuroGirls (from "Doll Factory") and...
    57 members Last activity Jun 28, 2016
  • For creative designs for robert tonner dolls BJD also
    14 members Last activity Aug 13, 2015
  • A place to discuss our dolls, exchange patterns, etc.
    398 members Last activity 25 Feb
  • If you can't find someone to do an off-line American girls club, why not join an on-line club? The fun will start as soon as you join!
    125 members Last activity Apr 17, 2014
  • This is a friendly group to share the enjoyment of dolls and doll collecting. Everyone is welcome to share photos of their dolls and things related to their doll collection with the rest of this group. We may...
    45 members Last activity Oct 8, 2014
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    67 members Last activity Jul 17, 2016
  • I have sold over 60 outfits for the American Girl Doll or a doll of 18" in height. Remember it is not just for the American Girl Doll. I am taking orders again for the...
    68 members Last activity Sep 15, 2016