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  • A list for Cate Blanchett fans, oscar nominated actress for Elizabeth and star of such films as Oscar and Lucinda, Pushing Tin and An Ideal Husband No...
    296 members Last activity 10 Dec
  • Gather here to discuss the wonderful Aussie actress Cate Blanchett. Upload photos, add links and enjoy yourself! Email me for anything at all - it's schylaar@onthecoast.com. Web site coming soon...
    613 members Last activity Nov 17, 2016
  • A news and chat list for fans of Cate Blanchett.
    333 members Last activity Nov 25, 2013
  • Cate Blanchett the great
    214 members Last activity Jul 15, 2016
  • Homepage: http://rachelscateblanchett.com "I'm love strange choices. I'm always interested in people who depart from what is expected of them and go into new territory." --Cate Blanchett '03 Please join and exchange...
    185 members Last activity Mar 23, 2013
  • This is a group devoted to Irina Spalko from the "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Cristal Skull" movie. Combined with our forum (at agentspalko.com/forum) we offer a great environment for those who want to...
    11 members Last activity Jun 22, 2009
  • Welcome to the group. This group contains updates, pictures, and links for the actress Cate Blanchett. If you're not already a member and you enjoy her work, we'd love to have you.
    32 members Last activity Dec 12, 2012
  • Cate Blanchett:great,beautiful,talented. Welcome to CBOP, short for Cate Blanchett Online Paradise I know you are tired of searching for the right place that offeres tons of...
    13 members Last activity Aug 6, 2007