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  • This site has everything about daniel that you could amagine!! It has pictures, Bio. for him and his career, links, and more>>>>! but i just started it so bare w/ me on this ok thanks bye If u have any tips on...
    855 members Last activity 23:50
  • This group is all about Daniel Radcliffe! There will be house points, posts, polls, and I have made my own site of Daniel Radcliffe, in which has more stuffs!
    383 members Last activity 00:04
  • DaNiEl RaDcLiFfE lOvErS Full Name: Daniel Alan Radcliffe Date of Birth: 23 July, 1989 Currently: 14 years old, and only child, living in Fulham which is in...
    1099 members Last activity 10 Dec
  • Hi how are you all? So you like Harry Potter And Daniel Radcliffe do you? Well thats Great. Coz they RULE 4 EVA!!! Any way Enjoy the club and No...
    656 members Last activity 20:32
  • Well, this club is a place where: you can talk about Harry Potter books or Daniel Radcliffe who acts as Harry in the movie. So come on and join if you're interested!
    334 members Last activity 20:27
  • This club is for anyone who loves the hottie Daniel Radcliffe or the Harry Potter movie or books. I will have lots of sheduled chats and JOIN PLEASE!!! Thank you. :)
    346 members Last activity 23:19
  • Hey Dan Fans! This group is dedicated to Daniel Radcliffe but not only him but to Harry Potter as well. Go get yourself a copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the...
    234 members Last activity 9 Dec
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
    265 members Last activity 10 Dec
  • Hey! Welcome to the Danny Radcliffe group. Please take a look around... we have tons of photos, contests, group members from all over the world, chats, and lots of fan HP literary work! We are...
    500 members Last activity 10 Dec
  • Welcome to Daniel Radcliffe Newsletters! One of the best places in Yahoo! Groups. Nah, nah... really not the best. The picture beside is one of my latest awards...
    198 members Last activity 18:51