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  • Dave Bennett
    Feb 16, 2015
      A friend and I, on a lark, decided to try out the Shiloh ACW scenario today.  What a knife fight!!  ACW seem to work just fine for BBB.  The Union managed to eek out a victory but that was mostly because I rolled hot on the first turn and was able to undisorder and full move most of my divisions right off the bat and Gordon was having trouble getting his reserves and his best veteran unit to move at all.  Even with that the Union had a division destroyed and both sides where pretty well shot up and spent at the end of the day.  The confederate player didn't think he could take on Buell's fresh Army of the Ohio the next day so he slipped off in the night.  We will be playing Alma again next Sunday (the 22nd).  Our club is still going to play the Shiloh scenario again in two weeks and I have been working on terrain for the game.

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