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  • bbbchrisp
    Apr 21, 2017
      I'd say just stay flexible. The chances of exactly the right number of players showing up and wanting to play for exactly the right period of time, even with advance sign-ups if you get some, are pretty remote. I'd suggest keep the game ticking over in slow time with team members pushing the troops around until interested players drop by. At that point a team member takes a step back and hands over command of a suitable contingent of whichever hue and/or in whichever situation on the battlefield the player prefers. Then all attention focuses on the guest player(s) for as long as they want to carry on.

      Yes, in between guest players you could move the game along just to the point where there are some interesting key decisions to be made, and then pause it until a guest player can join in and make them.

      That's my 2p. I'm excited to hear that you'll be doing this at Warfare and hope to see you there.

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