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4770Re:: Re: [BBB_wargames] Re:: Rules dispute on assaults

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  • andrew.fuller48
    Aug 13, 2017
      However, the rules very clearly state that the base represents the centre of the unit, be it brigade, division or whatever, and the pickets are 3" out from that, therefore when a unit wins an assault the picket lines have already been overrun and the winners are already in the area occupied by the bulk of the losing unit, therefore the 1mm advance makes sense. Secondly the mindset for playing BBB requires the dropping of the old wargame notion that the units are battalions. The group of bases represent large bodies of troops - an entire brigade or division is unlikely to rush off willy-nilly after retreating enemy. In such a body there will be a large number of officers and NCOs directing the troops. In a battalion level  game a few hundred troops may well rush forward enthusiastically, but a battalion level game is running at a different ground scale to BBB. In a BBB unit there may well be some troops who have rushed forward enthusiastically, but there will be others following up in a more measured fashion acting as a reserve - see the concurrent discussion of basing 2mm figures.
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