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4860Re: [BBB_wargames] Re:: BBB in 6mm/10mm

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  • Alan Millicheap
    9 Sep
      Yes I did rebase them after we played the French/Austrian bit of Solferino

      The 40mm wide bases meant that the Austrians could essentially form a solid firing line across the length of the table

      Rebasing them also meant that I didn't have to paint any more Austrians :)

      You can play with wider bases
      - either increase the size of the table
      - or count each wide base as 2 normal bases and use a casualty marker when a base is lost


      On 9 September 2017 at 08:12, R PHILLIPS kaygillick@... [BBB_wargames] <BBB_wargames@...> wrote:

      Hi Alan,

      I take it you rebased your 40mm x 30mm bases as I seem to remember a comment on one of your posts that suggested you were going to leave them.


      Richard P

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