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4935Re: [BBB_wargames] Re:: Gettysburg at Warfare

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  • Neil McGurk
    Sep 27, 2017
      I start with white cotton sheets. Usually bought from the local supermarket. A single flat bottom sheet covers a 6' by 4' table comfortably. I dye them in the washing machine, using Dylon dyes. I then use various manufactures spray can paints to break up the base colour. Then using Vallejo paints I airbrush on details; tracks, fields, and the like. If I need more details I use oil-based pastels. Handy for adding extra tracks/roads. I fold them up between uses and I've never seen any paint flake off.

      I've realised that they'll look a mess as I'm working on them but once on the table I like the look of them.

      Washing them will remove the pastels and some of the paint but I just top it up every few uses. It adds to the patina of the cloths.


      On Wed, 27 Sep 2017 at 11:46 vtsaogames@... [BBB_wargames] <BBB_wargames@...> wrote:

      I would like to know how people have painted cloths what paint to use does it crack when folded etc.

      I use canvas "duck" cloth, primed with white gesso and painted with diluted acrylic. No cracking yet though I roll the canvas rather than fold it. Folded canvas requires ironing (on the reverse) to smooth out creases.
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