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4943Re:: Gettysburg at Warfare

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  • andrew.fuller48
    28 Sep
      Re. battlemats, I use a faux mink throw from Amazon in lime green. I put it over the washing line and sprayed it randomly with an acrylic darker green and a sand/buff colour. It has a number of advantages:

      1. One side has short tufts - for 15mm and below, whilst the other has longer tufts for 20mm and above.

      2. It is very big, roughly  6'x7'6"

      3. It is very flexible and drapes very easily over sculpted terrain.

      4. Using old styrofoam squares underneath enables sculpted scenery to be pinned in place, tabletop scenery can also be pinned, subtly coloured pinheads can be used to mark out squares.

      5. It gives a great look for an investment of less than £30.   
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