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4951Re: : Re: [BBB_wargames] Re:: assaulting across a bridge

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  • Alan Millicheap
    28 Sep
      Bridges are bottlenecks

      In a given turn 

      A. only 1 unit in line or in depth can cross - this blocks all other traffic from using the bridge

      B. any number of units in march column can cross a bridge provided the bridge is clear  ie if a unit in march column stops  on a bridge or A. has occurred

      I like BBB - as well as fighting battles you get to do a bit of traffic management :)

      On 28 September 2017 at 13:08, matthew_bradley@... [BBB_wargames] <BBB_wargames@...> wrote:

      does that apply if the unit(s) are in column of march?

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