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4970Warfare 2017, Reading UK, 18-19 November

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  • bbbchrisp
    6 Oct
      We will be running BBB games at the Warfare show next month:

      Saturday will be two small games:
      Nagy-Sallo (1849), Hungarian War of Independence
      Dave Whaley will run this ding-dong little scrap using his 10mm Pendraken armies. As featured in Wargames Illustrated.

      Montebello (1859), Second Italian War
      I will run this perennially popular introductory scenario with 6mm Baccus figures.

      Sunday one big game:
      Mars-La-Tour (1870), Franco-Prussian War
      Crispin Matson sets out his custom terrain for this FPW classic.

      If you'd like to join in any of these games, let us know when you'll be around and we''ll do our best to accommodate you.

      If Mars-la-Tour appeals, Crispin is likely to be short-handed (it looks as though most members of the Oxford team can only make it on Saturday, myself included). If any loyal members of this Yahoo group want to sign up to play and also to help out, we might be able to put you on the team sheet and give you one of our free passes.

      Even if you don't have time to push troops and roll dice with us, if you'll be in Reading please do stop by and say hello - it's always good to meet folks in person.


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