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  • 25mm = 1 inch, so nothing has to change. 6 x 4 is the size used in most scenarios, some are smaller and a few are larger.
    vtsaogames@... 8 Sep
  • > How did the second Marengo turn out? The second test fizzled. A lot of Fencibles were unable to attend, due to real life intruding in a most unwelcome manner. I am still tinkering with the victory conditions but the map and OB are set. On Saturday I'm off to Maine and then Canada, so the next test is slated for September 28. Sorry.
    vtsaogames@... 6 Sep
  • Than ks for the photos. Just finished reading Prit Buttar's "Russia's Last Gasp" about the eastern front in 1916. The Romanians got thumped a bit. There's a knife early on in the pictures looks an awful lot like a Gurkha kukri.
    vtsaogames@... 5 Sep
  • > My Turkish flags have the Cresecent moon and star more straight up and down than your angle Where do you get your flags from? These are the only 15mm Turkish flags I could find.
    vtsaogames@... 4 Sep
  • I recently ordered a bunch of Rank & File 15mm Turks from the 1877 war, figuring they can also proxy for the Crimean War. Here is the first pack of infantry, given my basic wargame paint job. http://corlearshookfencibles.blogspot.com/
    vtsaogames@... 1 Sep
  • > How many victory points was the chicken worth? The chicken was right tasty. > Will you be sharing the scenario with other BBBers? Soon, when it gels.
    vtsaogames@... 25 Aug
  • The Fencibles played a first test of my Marengo scenario last night. This is the battle that gave rise to the dish Chicken Marengo but almost saw Bonaparte‚Äôs goose cooked 15 years early. https://corlearshookfencibles.blogspot.com/
    vtsaogames@... 25 Aug
  • > French need 3 for a draw and 4 for a win? Would that make it even, or just skew it in the other direction? > Should the French also earn an objective if they inflict X casualties on the Bavarians? I like this! Marengo is on tap for this coming Thursday and maybe the first game in September too, but then perhaps a change of pace to test Coulmiers again. The table is so easy to set...
    vtsaogames@... 21 Aug
  • White cross belts in 1877? I have 48 of them more than half painted but they are still on cardboard strips so now is the time to add detail.
    vtsaogames@... 21 Aug
  • Did they have white straps on the pack and on the blanket rolled above it? I'm presuming they did, but you can save me from a gross error if you correct me within a day or so. It looks like the Crimean troops had white straps on the back of the pack - but white cross-belts too.
    vtsaogames@... 19 Aug