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  • Weebly
    This seems quite positive - does anyone else local want to visit before I am back on my feet? Weebly /Aly ... From: Olney Shop
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2007
      This seems quite positive - does anyone else local want to visit before I am back on my feet?

      Weebly /Aly

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      Date: Feb 1, 2007 3:09 PM
      Subject: Re: Overspill of Books
      To: Weebly <weebly@...

      You've caught us at a bad moment.  Since yesterday, we are without a shop manager.  However I can tell you that a large bin  of books goes to landfill each week, much as we don't like it.  You would be welcome to take any of these books of our hands if some suitable system could be arranged.  Many of the books we dispose of are in good condition, but are unsaleable in our shop.  We get many more books donated to us than we have space for on our shelves.  I am on duty in the shop on Wednesday mornings, so if you would like to visit us, I would be glad to show you around.
      Bill Kelly
      PS  Mills and Boon are definitely out in our shop
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      From: Weebly
      Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 1:30 PM
      Subject: Overspill of Books

      I just wondered if you could tell me what happens to the excess books you have in the shop which remain unsold?

      I am a member of an organisation called bookcrossing, and I quite often have excess books passed to me which I would like to pass on, but I would not be happy if unsold books were binned rather than passed on,or at the very least recycled rather than sent to landfill. I can appreciate you will get snowed under with book donations.

      Also being a bookcrosser means all the books I pass on have a label explaining the concept of bookcrossing inside the front cover - and I have been told some shops would not sell these books on, despite there being a huge community of bookcrossers locally who would love to find a book registered by another member of the website.

      I also keep bookshelves of free books supplied with books at my own expense locally near Salcey Forest where I live, and from time to time I am on the lookout for large quantities of cheap books to keep these shelves supplied - mainly popular fiction and well known authors go well, do you ever have sales or pass on unsold books if they have been on the shelves for a while?  I seem to always have either too many books or far too few books, not often just the right amount!

      Particularly at the moment I have a load of Mills & Boon in quite good condition which I need to find readers for - any ideas?

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