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  • fafoo oliver
    28 Dec 03:30
      Am so sorry,i was trying to call you but i could'nt get you
      how are you doing over there?
      Well i wish you happy new year in advance.
      Psychologists believe that our capacity as human beings depends on what our minds truly believe to be possible.  "It is all in the mind", as they say. In order to show how simple this idea is, a concrete example may serve to illustrate it. Two students, without their knowledge, were subjected to an experiment.  Both were of the same grade level, age, and nationality.  They were instructed to take a long jump activity as part of a physical education class.  Girl 2 was shorter than girl 1.  It was expected that the shorter girl would initially feel hopeless because of the obvious size advantage of the other girl so, without receiving any motivation inspiring words from her coach, trial 1 was allowed to begin. As was expected from trail 1, the shorter girl lost by a distance of around 5 inches
      Trial 2 followed immediately after trial 1. With some proper coaching and motivational words this time, the shorter girl won by 1.5 inches!  How did this happen?  It happened because the power of belief and attitude. What happened exactly was that an explanation about the height advantage of the girl was re-contextualized for the shorter girl.  She was told that she actually had an even advantage with the taller girl because of her lighter weight.  When she saw the taller girl as being "heavier" than her, it was enough motivation to inspire the shorter girl to focus on her own strengths and to use them to win.  It is all in the way you look at it.
      so pls dont always look at things in the other way round. thank
                       i wish you save journey back to k-town
      i miss you.   

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