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199Re: The New Boz Members

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  • yaganab
    Jun 30, 2008
      Hello the new face of BOZ.

      Wellcome back from a long break.

      So I say lets get down to business as usual. But this time in an
      organised way guys.

      I wish us all good luck in our new journey to suceess.

      Hey Bim, Lexy and Alnuris whats up with you guys? Hope you are all
      doing fine.

      And Fafoor keep up the good work I salute your confidence in keeping
      BOZ alive to date.

      One Love.

      -- In Bozentertainment@..., "Preacher" <talk2arome@...>
      > Hi, All.
      > Its been a long time now since the last time I officially send out a
      > mail on this medium..... there are reasons to that, and I am aware
      > all know why.
      > Lets save the sermon and get down to business.
      > This mail is ushering a new dawn for any and all Boz Members.
      > But first, below are the names of the new group called Boz.
      > 1. Isiyaku Ahmed
      > 2. Oliver - Fafoor
      > 3. Abimbola - Bim
      > 4. Fatima - Pretty
      > 5. Rahila - Ochuwa
      > 6. Lexy - Lexycool
      > 7. Nura - Alnurais
      > 8. Charles - Charly
      > And some new members that I am yet to get their full details from
      > President - Fafoor.
      > I congratulate all of you that have made it on this list and those
      > that are yet to come on board..... You are welcome.
      > Now, this is not business as usual.
      > Get your actsd together and start working on something
      > just let me know before you begin work.
      > I wish you the best of luck and God bless you all.
      > Isiyaku Ahmed
      > Preacher
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