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720Immingham Revisited - Saturday 4 November 2017

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  • Paul Stewart
    29 Oct
      Immingham Revisited - Saturday 4 November 2017 (inside information released with permission)

      Those interested in freight line tours should not be misled by the tour name � this tour will cover track NOT previously covered by UKR tours,

      indeed some of the track probably hasn't been covered by a passenger train for a very long time (if at all).

      The operational plan for this tour has now been completed and all access agreements and permissions are in place.

      This still depends on other train movements on the day as Immingham West is a busy freight area and commercial freight movements will get priority.

      The current plan is visit the Immingham Bulk terminal Coal Pad, then the Immingham Bulk terminal Iron Ore Terminal, then the Humber Import Terminal

      (note this will be the Arrival Line only), then the recently reopened Killingholme branch up to its current operational limit.

      This itinerary has been very complex to arrange and so should not be missed if you require any of the above track as another bite of the cherry cannot be guaranteed!

      Just a few First Class Dining and some Standard Class seats still available are available on this tour, First Class Non-Dining is fully booked.


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