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305Re: MORLEY, Henry William and Thomas Hadley

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  • Colleen
    Aug 29, 2013
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      Colleen, Group Moderator for both groups

      --- In EastLondonFamilyHistory@..., "anliz@..." <anliz@...> wrote:
      > Good Afternoon
      > My name is Angela and I live near Bath. I am researching my great grandfather Henry MORLEY who was born in Hackney in 1871/1872 but married in Somerset in 1896.
      > I have posted a message on your sister site (London and Middlesex) as below and am hoping that someone can give me a lead on this as I am hitting Walls everywhere!!
      > "After much searching I should welcome help from anyone regarding my great
      > grandfather Henry William MORLEY born in Hackney in 1872 and his brother Thomas
      > Hadley MORLEY born in Hackney 1875.
      > They were both admitted to the Hackney Union Shoreditch Infirmary in 1879 after
      > being found abandoned on the steps of the Dalston relief office.
      > Henry left Brentwood Industrial school at 14 to join the Somerset Light
      > Infantry, he married at Timsbury, Somerset in 1896 and had three daughters
      > ,Florence, Violet and Daisy and signed up for the Royal Southern Reserves in
      > 1900 after working as a miner for a few years. He was sent to South Africa
      > where he was seconded to the South African Constabulary. He died sometime
      > before 1908 - but I can find no record of this.
      > Thomas' middle name was recorded at the infirmary as "Hadley". But the nearest I
      > can find is a Thomas Addersley MORLEY born in Camberwell in 1873. So there could
      > well be a phonetic issue in the recording if the name at the infirmary.
      > I can find no record of Henry, Thomas or their father James (who died prior to
      > 1896) and am desperately hoping someone can fill in some of the gaps for me."
      > Thanks
      > Angela
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