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323Shoreditch Poor Law Records

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  • rangcf54
    Aug 30, 2014

      Hi all. I've posted before about the 'poor law records' available via ancestry - from the collections at LMA (London Metropolitan Archives). You can search some of these LMA records here -

      London Metropolitan Archives - Ancestry.co.uk

      The 'Ancestry World Archives Project' is currently reviewing the remaining 8,000 odd image sets (each image set has 3 images; sometimes one image is about one person or one family; sometimes multiple people are listed on the image).

      After these remaining 8,000 sets are reviewed (they've already been keyed) then they go through a back-end processing stage with the ancestry IT gurus to check and standardise searches.

      Then ... they'll be available for us to search. Some of these records go back to the mid to late 1700s; I've keyed and reviewed a lot from the period 1780-1830 - so hopefully this will prove useful to some of our members - in about 6 months' time!!

      If you're feeling a bit bored - or you've hit a brick wall in your research and you'd like to contribute to new records becoming available online - then consider becoming a keyer for either the Ancestry World Archives Project or a FamilySearch indexing project - the more volunteer keyers there are out there - the faster these records become available online.