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    Nov 24, 2014
      William John Mills born 1870 rotherhithe married rosina messenger 1906?  my grandfather william John Mills  was born 1906  .  they lived in 46 anchor street south bermondsey  1911  two rooms.  he was a painter labourer for borough council.   still not getting anywhere.  could you help me with it?

      Julia Mills

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      i have found rosina messenger familes.. so dont worry .. but violet fox (fuchs) are difficult to find i have done alot of research on geni and got loads  but those ones are difficult.  I will find more informations for william john mills and violet (fuchs) and get back to you. I do know that violet dad came to london from austrian and he died when she was young.  the two youngers went into a children home barabos  (cant spell)  maybe in catford or  lewisham or something like that. her mother looks after the olders children. i know one of her brother is called frank fox who married margaret . they died in worthing without children of old age.

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      Hi Julia,
      You'll just need to provide some more information and clarification so that group members can assist. 
      You said that William John Mills married Violet Fox (Fuchs) in Rotherhithe 1938. So what further information are you hoping to gain now for this couple?
      William John Mills' mother was Rosina Messenger - and you've fond her families back to 1800; the Messenger men were watermen in the Thames. 
      Have you documented this research publicly anywhere? eg an ancestry tree that people can look at?
      What further information are you hoping to get for the Messenger families?
      Try to be specific with requests so that members don't spend hours researching - and then they end up telling you what you already know.

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      Subject: [EastLondonFamilyHistory] mills/messenger

      I wondered if you help me

      my grandparents  William John Mills married Violet Fox (fuchs) married in rothehithe 1938.  seemed to have trouble go further in that area.  but I have researched William mother rosina messenger and found her families way back to 1800. most were william(s) messenger  watermen.  watertaxi in the thames.

      Julia Mills

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