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346Re:: Richard Jones

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  • bubblybabs1
    Dec 14, 2014

      Richard Jones was a widower prior to 1890 when he married Sarah Jane Eddey mother of all his children the first being born in Pilsley Derby named Richard James William Jones Born 1873.

      Richard Thomas Jones was a plasterer. He was born December 1844 Stepney and the previous banns were Jul/Aug 1879 to Sarah Jane Eddey but no marriage until 1890. I found a Richard Jones lodger 1871 census Putney age 27 born London married to Elizabeth plus children and on 1871 Sutton Surrey there was a Sarah Eddey servant. born Caswald Cornwall same place as Sarah Jane Eddey so put two and two together maybe came up with 5 lol..  

      I just put 1871 as a ballpark number and I really don't know who he married prior to Sarah Jane Eddey 

      It's all so frustrating and I joined FMP for a year hoping but they are hopeless with records. So back to asking again for help with this family.


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