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  • rangcf54
    Dec 15, 2014

      Hi Barbara,

      I know you've been on the trail of the JONES families for quite some time. I'm afraid I've lost the details completely in my brain. There are members here who have access to various records. However - to make sure we're moving along the correct path I wonder if you could do us a favour?

      Give us the outline of the generations you have/are looking for.

      Could you start with the person you're absolutely sure about? eg grandfather or great grandfather with full names, dates, places.

      Then add in details/guesses for the next generation back; ie great, great grandparents with as much detail as you have been able to find.

      If we all just search for possibilities it may turn out that we're all just going off in the wrong direction - and that ends up being time consuming - and doesn't help you solve your mystery.


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