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    ... If this is ok with the moderators here, here s a piece from a blog at
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2009
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      If this is ok with the moderators here, here's a piece from a blog

      Some ching hai followers are beginning to realize what a sham group
      they belong to.
      But kudos to them for speaking out thus.

      Hope the moderator sees fit to share this with the group members here.


      "This was a letter that I wrote to her, but I am not sure where to
      email it to. Since the master doesn't have an accessible email
      account for the general public or her initiates to use to contact her.
      Oh wait, we have the direct contact! Contacting Supreme Master ching
      hai! Your members in SMTV are conducting fraud on every possible level!

      To Supreme Master Ching Hai, et al.
      I have put off writing this letter to you and foreign group for some
      time believing that I was the sole case of marriage fraud. However, I
      have learned that more than once SMTV, the broadcasting station that
      purposively promotes positive work, are also practicing shady methods
      to retain foreign workers here in the United States. I know two
      others, other than myself who were contacted and brought over for
      that. A close friend and another who was asked to have a divorce so
      that both could have marriage fraud to get people from foreign
      countries to stay in America to work here, is what I have just said.
      Curiosity piqued, I went online and did an online search and found
      that there were others who fell for the "calling." SMTV contacted us
      first informing us of doing simple jobs, but when we arrived there it
      was for marriage.
      I will only elaborate on my experience, as it is mine that I can
      discuss. I was first contacted on November 17th 2007, for inquiries
      on work Visas. At first I thought it was akin to just a contact for
      working in the United States. Thinking that was all, I later received
      another email whether or not I could come to LA to work. I was only
      informed to bring my camera and nice clothing. The date would have
      been on December 9th 2007. With such short notice, I took off from
      work without pay in order to go to Los Angeles thinking that I would
      be able to work for SMTV.

      My initial contact details: "hi (keeping my name out),
      Can you come to LA next Friday or Wednesday? Better to come before
      thanksgiving otherwise it will be crowded. If you can, you will need
      a suit and 10 different shirts (nice ones). And bring your digital
      I left to work at SMTV with the belief that I was being told the
      honest truth and would be photographing things for SMTV.
      The story changed when I got there. I was not told who to expect or
      when I would be picked up till the driver got there. When the driver
      picked me up, I was informed of what I would really be doing. Getting
      married to a girl from Australia so she could stay here to work
      permanently for SMTV. I am pretty sure the premise of this faith and
      SMTV was positive work and honesty. How can that be when SMTV has
      tried to commit marriage fraud, and continues to do so?
      You can only imagine the emotions I went through during that day. I
      went from being impatient to confused to furiously angry to
      emotionally distraught. To be told that I would be marrying someone
      who I didn't know, loved, or even seen at all, instead of what was
      initially informed me what I would be doing is deceitful and betrayal.
      I immediately booked a car rental to go down to San Diego to my
      parents' friends to stay for the week, as that was how long I would be
      in California.
      I still have the emails from the beginning and ending, emails pleading
      with me not to send this to Foreign group or to Master. I thought to
      myself, that this was only once. Sad and disastrous as it was, maybe
      they changed after I sent them a promo letter to them of what I would
      be sending to you. After that email, I received an email lecturing me
      that I should not have worried about getting the marriage and that
      sort. And I decided to take a forlorn break from the practice, which
      I still am on.
      The response to the letter that would have been sent: "Please make
      sure that you or anyone else does not send any letter of that sort to
      foreign group. This is extremely grave. You MUST make sure that
      (anonymous) keeps his cool and anyone else who wants to challenge or
      follow that route. Please do do do remind. DO NOT SEND THAT
      LETTER!!!!! You bear a tremendous weight if you do! And if anyone
      else tries to do so, they bear an extraordinary weight. Please have
      respect for the people here, and those who serve God. NO EGO! PLEASE
      SURE (name-removed) DOESN'T BLOW a CAP!!!! NO LETTER TO FOREIGN GROUP!!!!!
      Otherwise DEADMEAT and worse!!! CONTACT (anonymous)!!!!!!!!! HE MUST
      BE AWARE!!!!!!"
      I didn't want SMTV to be blown off kilter, because at the time I
      believed that I was the only one and I still believed in the general
      premise of SMTV. So I decided that, might have shook them up. I was
      Until two days ago of present, I thought that my debacle was the only
      event. But a close friend of mine went through the same ordeal and
      another friend was asked persistently to get a divorce from his
      marriage so that he and his wife could marry foreigners to stay here
      to work permanently. And then I found this online from countless
      sites that had topics on Marriage fraud. I took it with some grain of
      salt, however, it displays that this has been going on for some time.
      Which makes me wonder if you, Master or Foreign group, knows exactly
      what goes on with your heavily promoted supreme master television.

      Many similar marriage fraud occurred within the SupremeMasterTV.com
      organization whose address is at 1431 N. Potrero ave, El monte, Ca
      91733. SupremeMasterTV.com is an internet base and satellite
      television program claimed to show positive news especially advocate
      of prevent global warming. SupremeMasterTV.com (SMTV.com ) is an
      non-profit operation headed by the Supreme Master Ching Hai who also
      has a company called The Supreme Master Ching Hai International
      Association. Many fraudulent marriage committed by volunteers of
      SMTV.com to keep the foreign volunteers to work for SMTV.com and also
      for One World Restaurant in West Covina (illegal alien work here).
      This Russian girl's case is a good example but SMTV.com
      volunteers-crimers believe that they won't get caught because Supreme
      Master Ching Hai has the magic power to protect them. Probably USCIS
      need to catch more cases like this to stop people from committing
      marriage fraud.

      Around topics on the discussion of marriage fraud, posts and
      discussions of this is highly prevalent. Although those are not from
      accredited journalists, they are from users who know or have
      experienced marriage fraud conducted by yours truly, Supreme Master
      Then there is the mentality of your members there that is also in
      question. How do you really promote good will, when your workers
      there consider anyone who does not work for SMTV as trash or in such
      disdain? How do you pertain positive change when your workers are
      informing those that may have second thoughts that those that did
      leave have suddenly died? I acknowledge that workers that left
      suddenly die as exaggeration, but that is fear tactics. So SMTV not
      only conducts marriage fraud to get workers to stay, but reinforces it
      with fear tactics?
      The conducts of your workers at SMTV are disdainful and deleterious
      and should be examined by yourself or foreign group, let alone the US
      authorities. This kind of conduct generates much question to yours
      and your affiliates' judgment and activity and I am hoping that there
      is resolution to this.
      Whether this being resolved or not, is paramount to your organization
      because if left unresolved it opens up a Pandora's box of troubles.
      Not only to you, but also mainly to the victims, such as myself, who
      see no justice being done to rectify this horrendous deed. The
      authorities already investigate marriage fraud on a countless basis.

      Yours truly,"

      Other links for emerging ching hai info:


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