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709Re: [FCDevelopment] Digest Number 138

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  • alejo d
    Jan 11, 2012
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      > Thanks for the report Darren.

      yes, i can tell is really helpful, and perhaps it all boils down to
      some -dev under wheezy and the 64bits.

      > Now, Alejo... I've told you last time that I have rolled back some changes
      > that were causing qthid to crash. So please, instead of speculating when
      > the code was last updated, just go ahead and get the latest code from the
      > repository. If you don't know how to do it with git, you can always get the
      > latest code as a .zip or .tar.gz from github:
      > https://github.com/csete/qthid/downloads
      > You'll see that it will generate a file called
      > csete-qthid-v3.1-26-g91cb1a85.tar.gz, meaning that it is 4 commits ahead of
      > v3.1-22-g67ddac88 which you used to generate the crash report.

      I have done this and that (just compiled gnuradio's with cmakework so
      to try to get gqrx). yes, I could be speculating but that's what's
      left when you try many things... again, no user, no cry.

      > Also please ensure that any binaries from the previous builds are removed,
      > best is to remove the qthid-build-desktop directory before you load the
      > updated qthid.pro in qtcreator.

      I will try that, thank you again for your time to reply. Is out of the
      question that you are incredibly generous. And that the issue looks
      like outside of your code so please don't take it as if I putting in
      question your code.