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714Re: [FCDevelopment] Bias tee

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  • Bill Ress
    Jan 21, 2012
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      Hi Harold,

      Perhaps we need some further clarification.

      I'm using SDR Console 1.5 Build 879 and when I select the Bias Tee box
      it stays checked when I change frequency while it's powering the
      FCD-5-55-UC. Unchecking the box does indeed turn off the bias tee
      feature. The FCD-5-55-UC also has the external DC feedthru which can be
      used to power the converter if the bias tee feature is not available on
      the early versions of the FCD.

      But be sure that you don't have external DC power applied to the
      converter while you try to power it from the FCD.

      Regards...Bill - N6GHz

      On 1/21/2012 1:10 PM, haroldpearce94 wrote:
      > HI all, just joined the group new to sdr but an old Ham G4bxc ,Have a
      > FCD and a High Sierra Microwave H F converter 5-55 mhz ,but when i try
      > to use the bias tee power it switch's on and off when i change freq,
      > even when the bios tee box is ticked ,also i cant seem to turn it off to
      > enable me to use external dc .Help please. best 73s Harold G4bxc

      Regards...Bill Ress
      High Sierra Microwave
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