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  • Andy Horton
    Nov 7, 2016

      Guide to Navigation

      Access to the selection of the most newsworthy marine life news pages of the NE Atlantic and around the British Isles for 2016:


      Links to seasonal reports are by clicking on the Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn buttons near the top of the page.
      e.g. to  http://www.glaucus.org.uk/News2016Autumn.htm

      Links to previous years are by buttons in the left column. 

      Information is not precious (the work is in collating and rewriting like a journalist) but the photographs are guest used only (with permission) and the copyright is still held by the credited photographer. 

      Pages mostly created by Andy Horton on behalf of the British Marine Life Study Society. 

      News events as they happen are included on the facebook pages

      Marine Life:

      but there are specialist groups as well for major phyla. 

      also Coastal Topography (includes coastal events like landslips, geology, fossils)

      Life above the high tide mark (vegetation and fauna, birds)
      Coast & Estuaries

      Intertidal Life
      Shorewatch Biological Recording

      The Torpedo monthly bulletin is sent out. Index:

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