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645Re: Red Wharf Bay beachcomb

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  • Daniel Ward
    Mar 27, 2008

      I didn't I'm afraid...

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      > Don't suppose you picked up the chough?......
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      > From: Daniel Ward
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      > Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2008 1:43 PM
      > Subject: [Glaucus] Red Wharf Bay beachcomb
      > After a recent bout of northerlies here in North Wales I took the dog
      > for a walk down on Red Wharf Bay (now two days ago, 26/3) and found
      > all sorts of things washed up. Much of the material was deposited
      > across the entire intertidal to the east of the Bay, but more
      > concentrated on the strandline towards the West. Typically, the one
      > time there was a lot to look at, I didn't bother to take my camera. I
      > did bring a few specimens back to photograph, but I was in a bit of a
      > rush so I had to stick them in the freezer, and, as I'm away for a
      > week or so, I won't be able to snap them for a while...
      > Brittle stars (various species) were paricularly abundant on the upper
      > shore, with patches a couple of inches (or more) thick. Asterias
      > rubens were also very abundant, as a rough guess > 5-10 per metre
      > square (there was a lot of them!).
      > Species such as Astropecten irregularis, Echinocardium cordatum,
      > Alcyonium digitatum, masked crabs (Corystes spp.) and various
      > sipunculids were also washed up in considerable numbers, as were
      > various elamsobranch eggcases, a couple of which I brought back to ID.
      > Of the more unusual species, I found three angular crabs (Goneplax
      > rhomboides), a small conger eel (approx 50cm long) and a dead chough
      > (Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax).
      > Hopefully some of this is of interest...
      > Thanks,
      > Dan
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