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: Re: [Glosmoths] Any news? Yes, but its a secret

Hello Ken Thanks for the information aboiut the Facebook group. I hope you you get through "Brian" unscathed. Best wishes Robert

Re: Any news? Yes, but its a secret

Hi Robert Greetings from a very calm now but windy yesterday, Cornwall. You have previously indicated that facebook is the devils work but I am sure that if
Ken Cservenka
17 Oct

Any news? Yes, but its a secret

This has been extraordinary weekend, in the middle of an remarkable autumn. There have been all manner of records of species which have either never been seen
16 Oct

P.machaon gorganus

Two years ago some Continental Swallowtail larvae P. machaon gorganus were observed on the south coast feeding on Carrot or Fennel leaves possibly cannot
9 Aug

Painted Lady migration

A recent film repeated several times suggests that Painted Lady migration is triggered by the Butterflies fearing parasitoid attack and so migrate. The
9 Aug

Moth trapping event at Northleach

Hello Please circulate the following: I have received this message from Richard Watson at the Cotswold Conservation Board and wonder if any one could help
8 Aug

: Re: Please Identify

Hello Chris Rest assured that this Yahoo forum is still open for business! It would be very useful to have a grid reference for your Tussock Regards Robert R
2 Jun

Re: Please Identify

Dear Peter, Thanks very much for getting back to us - an aptly-named moth we think! Unfortunately we're not on Facebook but hopefully we could find you again
Chris Orland
1 Jun

: Please Identify

Hi Chris, as you will see, most folk have now moved on from this site and we now keep in touch via Gloucestershire Moths Facebook Group. We now have 99 members
1 Jun

Please Identify

Hi Guys, We would be grateful if you could identify this Furry Friend we found on our front doorframe today. Many thanks, Chris & Hayley Orland
Chris Orland
1 Jun
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The Atlas of Larger Moths

Hello The file attached gives a brief summary of the VC33 dataset for the Atlas of Larger Moths Regards Robert
26 Apr
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    VC33 Macro Summary.pdf

Glos. moth maps

Hello all, I completed the 2016 updates to the moth maps and updated the web pages yesterday. Guy
25 Apr

: BBC puts its foot in it

Too late The text has been changed to "only a handful" It did say "Many of the 2400 species ... pose a threat to textiles..." Numpties! R
6 Apr

BBC puts its foot in it

Hello This story is new to the BBC news sites http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-39504494 Emailing the BBC is a bit of a faff but twitter users and
6 Apr

Re: 2016 Records

Hello Robert Not sure if I had already sent Ghost Moth record,s so here goes. They were very common during the period 7th to 13th June. Regards Ken From:
Ken Cservenka
11 Feb
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    Ghost Moth records Stratton 2016.xls
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