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2256Havering Cyclists AGM Calling Notice - Monday 13th November at 20:00

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  • Ray Whitehouse
    Oct 11, 2017

      Subject: Havering Cyclists AGM Calling Notice - Monday 13th November at 20:00


      Havering Cyclists Annual General Meeting 2017


      The 2017 AGM will be held at J.J.Moons, Hornchurch at 20:00 on Monday 13th November.



      The Agenda for the AGM will be as follows:


      1. Report from Officers

        1. Chairs report
        2. Treasurers report

      2. Election of Officers

        1. The constitution calls for 4 mandatory Officers namely, Chair, Treasurer, Co-ordinator and Secretary, as defined in the constitution.
        2. Should there be more people wishing to join the management committee then other officers can be nominated and voted on, otherwise these will be undertaken as needed by members of the management committee or any co-opted members. These are:

                                                          i.     Press Officer

                                                         ii.     Social Media Officer including Web support

                                                       iii.     Rides and Events Co-ordinator

                                                       iv.     Campaigns Co-ordinator

                                                        v.     Cycling Infrastructure Advisor

                                                       vi.     Community Engagement Officer

        1. LCC members can self-nominate themselves for any of the posts, or just to join the management committee to help in our work. Please let us know before the AGM if you wish to nominate yourself for the management committee or any of the posts, or nominations can be accepted at the AGM. Current officers are as follows and are willing to continue but we would welcome any members who would like to take over from us and help us run the group, indeed Ray Whitehouse is likely to be leaving the group in the new year:

                                                          i.     Chair - Terry Hughes

                                                         ii.     Treasurer - Bernie Curtis

                                                       iii.     Co-ordinator - Ray Whitehouse

                                                       iv.     Secretary - Jeff Stafford


      4          Closure of AGM

      5          Monthly Meeting opens.


      Only LCC members can be part of the management committee but anyone is welcome to attend group meetings and contribute to our work and can be co-opted into the six non-mandatory roles if they wish.


      Please RSVP to contact@...