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  • Peter
    30 Dec 10:55

      Hello the loop,

                                   I think each and every one of the group have a theory on the development of the hurdy- gurdy. To cut a long story, I consider that the origins were with the Mongolian Horse headed fiddle.  This is a two stringed instrument played with a bow. The strings are quite thick and are made entirely of horse hair, the bow too is of horse hair.  Playing techniques differ from the traditional violin, instead of stopping the string by pressing down, the finger nail  is used on the side of the string.

      The mongol empire was followed by the Turkish , it is probable that this instrument was transferred back to Turkey.  There the Kara Deniz Kemence, or Black Sea Fiddle is played with a loose bow string, possibly giving the impression that chords could and were played on the all strings.

      It is a small step to join the ideas, bowing with a wheel, and using keys instead of the finger nail.

      Just an idea to boil up with all of the others.


      Check out  Hongor playing the Horse Head fiddle (Morin Khuur) - YouTube



      Peter aka turnatune

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