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  • Peter
    2 Jan 01:13

      What about us Ah Gnostics??


      Loosen your G strings and get back to the HG



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      Hi Tony, yes, it's true, off topic religious discussions can go on for infinity; the same as the abortion issue...never ending.  But, I am married to evangelicals who would never be able to realize the Bible as allegorical...ever...so there are so many many levels of belief...and many hard to talk with/about. But, I think it is okay to get off topic. It shows we are human. And, yes, everyone's responses can be upsetting or ignorant (or not)...but, again, we are human. We can't possibly all be in the same place at the same time (:

      Don't feel so bad, please. You are human, and a musician. Keep writing and keep playing and I haven't even HELD  hurdy gurdy yet (: !


      PS: Did you all know that ALL the names for 'God' have the 'Ah' syllable in them? Try it!  Allah, God, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Rah, Jehovah, (pagans, help me out with some names that have 'ah' in them...)etc. etc. etc....food for thought while turning the hurdy crank (:




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      On 2/01/2012 12:31 p.m., Amy Lesser wrote:


      intellectually strong thinkers who share great opinions back and forth and sometimes heated discussions!

      Hi Amy,

      It's not the heated discussion that rankles but the level that it is conducted on.
      Kindergarten at best.

      'Does God exist?.....of course He does because I believe in Him'
      'What arrant nonsense'-'Have you never heard of Evolution'.

      But what if God had created Evolution? Even the most evangelical Christian should realise that the
      bible is  allegorical at best so can hardly be taken as.....er......Bible.

      As a practicing a-theist married to a (not very good) Catholic I'm happy to admit to complete ignorance
      on the subject despite my beliefs.

      I'm quite sure I'll get the answer (or not) when I'm dead dead dead.....which at my age won't be long long long.

      The problem with off subject argument is that it  usually doesn't  demonstrate high levels of reasoned
      thought but rather, personal prejudice and eventual insult and NEVER changes a single mind or belief.....
      and coincidentally annoys the shit out of everyone else....

      ...and, even with a distaste of off-subject banter I have been drawn into it when I'd much rather be reading

      ...and whilst on the subject of sacrilege and just to stay on topic; I put return springs on the keys of my
      (home built) gurdy so I can play it on the flat (rather than just 'flat'.)

      Regards, TonyNZ

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