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9359Re: Savarez KFA drones

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  • admiralprune
    Aug 23, 2013
      Thanks for the discovery but there is a question - I admit to being recent to playing (abusing??) HG's.

      Why abrade "the length of the Savarez" instead of just the part around the area against the wheel ?

      --- In HurdyGurdyForum@..., "gurdymaker" <hurdygurdy@...> wrote:
      > Hi all.
      > I just had a bit of a breakthrough I'd like to share. The Savarez KFA drones are generally trouble free but occasionally they can go into a nasty harmonic vibration which seems to be around the pitch of the string when plucked ( the sounding length from wheel to ear ) . Changing diameter or pitch does not seem to cure it.
      > I used to use Pirastro Aricore cello C and G for drones and these always behave perfectly but their price has rocketed lately and at around £100 for two strings, I settled on the Savarez.
      > The Aricore strings are tape wound so have a smooth outer surface. By running a fold of 400 grit wet & dry paper along the length of the Savarez, I achieved a fairly smooth surface and the string behaves much more reliably. I have repeated the process on 3 gurdies and the improvement has been the same every time.
      > Cheers
      > Neil
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