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  • Dante Ferrara
    Dec 4, 2013
      Roddy, going off on a tangent here, your wife may want to get in touch with forum member and textile historian Clare Rose.

      Enjoying this thread by the way (and not stuck in a time warp!)


      From: Roddy <roddy.julie@...>
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      Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2013 16:53:13 -0000
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      Subject: [HurdyGurdyForum] Re: Gurdy rocks with a vengeance


      Sorry I haven't got a vid of it. All the attempts were failures because of sound overload!!! What I need to do is a studio recording sometime but right now I am fully booked doing an all acoustic show. This weekend its dancing through the ages at Blickling Hall in Norfolk if you are about. My wife, Julie is also there doing her work and if you don't know about her then look here www.jbstumpwork.co.uk and be amazed. We are even booked on Christmas Day. I'll get a decent web site up sometime my current one is an embarassment.
      And yes Philip I have a copy of Radio Noir as you know and I think its great!
      I was using loops when I was a teenager much to the bewilderment of others at the time (early 70's). I used two modified reel to reel tape machines each with a fixed loop of tape. Initially to produce an echo for me and then I found loops. My dad being an electronic engineering lecturer was the brains behind it all. Every time Hendrix came up with a new sound I asked my Dad how to produce it. My friends throught he was Dr. Who!!!

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