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9522Barking too loud

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  • arle_lommel
    Apr 17, 2014
      I've been having some trouble with the dog on my instrument (a Balázs Nagy guitar-bodied French-style gurdy). Balázs’ instruments have quite loud buzzing bridges and, in this case, the pressure on the wheel is too high, which results in me needing to back the tirant all the way off and still having a bit too aggressive of a buzz. So I am in the process of making some new dogs that will situate the string with a bit less pressure.

      While I'm at it, though, I'd like to make a quieter dog. So does anyone have any hints on how to construct a dog to make it quieter? I've not made enough yet to have a grasp on how the mass of the dog, the size of the hammer, etc. impact the sound. So any quick guidance?

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