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  • arle_lommel
    Apr 25, 2014
      Thanks so much, Neil. I emailed the manufacturer and they told me where to go here in Berlin and I got the 0.9 and 0.8 mm. I found the 0.9 mm a bit aggressive, which is probably not the fault of the line, but rather reflect that Balázs’ instruments just flat out have a very aggressive buzzing bridge (great for dancing), so then I switched to the 0.8, and found that to be the best string I've had for the buzzing bridge on this instrument. The responsiveness is such an improvement over the gut string I had, where I essentially had to back the tirant all the way off all the time. Now I have some control and variation.

      Balázs’ instruments tend to have a bit of an all-on/all-off sound to the buzzing bridge, so I need to experiment some more with dog construction to back it off a bit more and hopefully gain better range of response.

      I'm using beech wood for my dogs. I'd never worked with it before, but that stuff is not particularly easy to carve by hand (although it doesn't split when you don't want it to either). Any thoughts on what woods are best.


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