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9571Re: [HurdyGurdyForum] Drone bridge lubrication

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  • andycarter
    Jun 25, 2014
      Use a small piece of silicone rubber between the bridge and the string - it will allow small movements without grabbing the string!


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      Subject: [HurdyGurdyForum] Drone bridge lubrication


      Hi All, 

      One of the recurring problems I have with my one of my gurdies (and I've had it for over 20 years now) is the drone strings not sliding smoothly enough over the bridges.   The result if I'm not careful being a rather disturbing (and aurally offensive ) sudden drift in drone pitch as the string re-settles itself while I'm playing .     

      Obviously the round-wound strings need some help to run smoothly over the softer wooden bridge.   I'm curious to know how others have resolved this problem.  I've tried flatwound strings, which were better but I didn't really like the sound; I've tried soap and/or pencil lead which improved it but seemed a bit messy.   

      Any suggestions?


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