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9647Re: [HurdyGurdyForum] Hurdy Gurdy Workshops in Lissberg (Germany)

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  • andycarter
    Jan 15, 2015
      And jolly good it is too! It's an intimate little festival I find reminiscent of the Youlgreave gurdyfests. The Germans are great fun to get along with, and love the idea of international visitors.

      Questions I had before my first visit could be answered by the following :-

      Camping space is available for tents or motorhomes onsite in the shadow of the berg but there are also B&Bs within a few miles. The classes are split between the berg and a school 15 minutes walk away.  

      Cliff's and Nicholas's workshops are delivered in English, the others are mainly in German though I think all the tutors have some English. I worked with Alex last year, written music and demos are obviously international, and I found asking for a personal summary at the end of each burst of German worked well and didn't disrupt the class too much. 

      German bottled beer is available for purchase in the evenings, wine & other drinks can be bought at shops in the town a few miles away as can takeaway and cook-your-own food. There is a small shop in the village but opening times seemed variable. There is no pub in the village but there is a family run restaurant where schnitzel will be enjoyed with fellow gurdyists!

      I will be travelling by Gurdybus via North Sea ferry out of Hull to Rotterdam. It's about 300 miles to Lissberg from there. Frankfurt airport is an alternative, Lissberg is about 30 miles from Frankfurt centre. 

      If anyone wants to know more, drop Bridget or me a line :-)


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      The next hurdy gurdy workshops in Lissberg will be taking place from Thursday 14th until Saturday 16th May 2015.  Anyone travelling from further afield will need to get to Lissberg by Wednesday 13th afternoon/evening.  Details of the workshops and workshop times will be published soon.  Tutors are: Hendrik Ardner, Gerhard Ganz, Nicolas Koch-Simms, Cliff Stapleton, Peter Streng, Ron Winkler and Alex Zwingmann.

      There is now a brief description of the weekend on Kurt Reichmann's website for the workshops:


      Andy Carter and Ziggy Rytka have been a few times now and last year Scott Marshall also came along.  They are planning another visit this year!  It would be great if some other familiar faces from the Gurdy Fest, this forum and facebook et al could also make it over.



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