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9733RE: [HurdyGurdyForum] Re: : Advice on this Gurdy - Is it actually a Symphony?

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  • Andy Carter
    Oct 6, 2015

      My cats would never stay in the same room. A houghty look, an irritated flick of the tail, and dignified stroll out of the room...

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      ---- roddy.julie@... [HurdyGurdyForum] wrote ----


      My cats love it. They curl around behind me while I play and their purring
      harmonises with the drones. Keeps me warm too.
      It was not like that when I first starting playing though!!! So be warned it
      takes a while to get a gurdy playing well. It may even play fine for someone
      else but for some unknown reason it will sound like screaming banshees when
      you play it yourself. This is normal. It does sort itself out in time.
      Like the lute it takes practice. The problem with most gurdies is that they
      are almost as loud as bagpipes and therefore have the same practice problem.
      Neil Brook makes a lovely Symphony as long as period correctness isn't
      important. You can even plug it in. Alexandra Betz who took over from Helmut
      Gotschy has a lead in time of about 10 months which is about the same as
      Neil when he's not too stretched. Alexandra's are period correct with all
      that intails. There are others like Chris Allen who make fine instruments
      and with these makers you can't really go wrong. Buying a mysterious one
      (we've all done it) can be risky as we all found out.
      Love it. You'll become obsessed like the rest of us.


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