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9751Re:: Retro-fitting machine head tuners

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  • sklmarshall
    Oct 20, 2015
      Hi Jon, 
      I did this fairly recently on a 4 stringed instrument. I countersunk the friction peg holes and fitted a set of these Schaller B4 Geared Tuning Peg. At £12.99 each + post it was the best price I could find. The main problem is that the shafts are quite short and could really do with being longer for gurdy. In hindsight I think I should have gone for a set of Neil's replacement pegs, but as the holes on this particular instrument were very large I would have had to shim them a lot. Anyway, it has made the instrument really easy to tune. I think on an instrument with slimmer pegs you would have to open out the holes to fit banjo tuners & if Neil's pegs would just drop it might be worth spending the extra for the convenience. (They are very good in use). There are cheaper banjo tuners from China etc, but I have personally found they don't hold the tuning & don't feel positive compared to the German ones. 


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