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9761Short tangents? Scratchy tangents?

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  • sklmarshall
    Oct 29, 2015
      Can tangents be too sharp & pointy? Does this have an adverse effect on tone? Does it matter where the face of the tangent touches the string, for instance can a tangent be too short in height if the string is just being touched at the top 2mm it's surface? 
      Also if one of the chanters is lifted off the wheel should the 'unused' row of tangents slide underneath that detached string, or be tall enough to maintain contact? It has a set of short traditional friction tangents & whilst generally nicely set up just feels a bit funny to play, there is a little bit of 'wiggle' in the way the keys go through the key slots too. 
      I thought about putting heat shrink on, or making taller rounder tangents. 
      Cheers Scott! 
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