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9789Re: [HurdyGurdyForum] New Member - and a question!

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  • Neil Brook
    Feb 6, 2016
      The last Sunday evening of the month at the Old Road Tavern in Chippenham hosts a French session with Brian Tilley and friends. Worth a trip I'd say. 

      On 5 Feb 2016, at 18:34, HENRY TEGNER henrytegner@... [HurdyGurdyForum] <HurdyGurdyForum@...> wrote:


      Hi – I’ve just joined the Forum. I live in Wiltshire and am within easy reach of Bath, Bristol and Swindon. Can any other Forum member who owns and plays a hurdy gurdy show me their instrument and even let me try to play it? I don’t want to buy one – in view of the cost – until I know that I can play it at all.
      I would consider making one from a kit!
      I am a member of a group learning to play Irish folk music. My instrument is the low whistle.
      Many thanks
      Dr Henry Tegner Telephone: +44(0)1249 447 833 +44(0)07799 012 359

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