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Re: [HurdyGurdyForum] Grip of Death

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  • Richard York
    Amid all this great advice I can t help smiling over the coup gras... if I get it wrong do I get the coup de Grace instead of the Grip of Death? :) Thanks all
    Message 1 of 19 , Sep 6, 2011

      Amid all this great advice I can't help smiling over the coup gras... if I get it wrong do I get the coup de Grace instead of the Grip of Death?  :)

      Thanks all again - it's really useful.

      On 06/09/2011 19:43, Scott Gayman wrote:  


      The coup gras is a controlled motion but you should not have to hold on with a death grip to make it.
      As the others stated, play as normal and crank up the tirant until it starts a continuous buzz then crank it down until it stops the full time buzzing but takes very little effort to buzz.
      Try the coup gras without actually gripping the handle by putting the handle in your hand ( your normal playing position) and pushing inward slightly toward the head. You should be able to buzz without actually holding on to the handle (a technique demonstrated to me by Matthias Loidner, who performed a coup de 6 with the handle at his wrist). It takes some practice but you'll find that a bit of inward pressure is all you need to do the coup gras with regular success.
      The idea here is to break you of the habit and to provide you with an alternative to "the grip of death".


      Paul Sherwood <paulsherwood6@...> wrote:

      Richard, I know that this is one of the things you told us not to say, but I think it is worth saying, to get the 'coup gras' (I think thats the right name ..and hopefully spelling) you needn't grip hard, just close the hand a bit. And as Neil says, practice little and often is best. Are you coming to Otley? .. I would happy to spend some time one these things in the Saturday afternoon workshop.


      On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 2:14 PM, Andy Carter <AndyCarter@...> wrote:

      If you intersperse long buzzes with rhythmic ones, you're only gripping for some of the time, perhaps?
      Or concentrate on maintaining the 'cage' as you go round so you're not gripping the wheel at all - the handle is rotating inside the cage and its just the speed of the wheel causing the buzz?
      Don't know anything else to try, I've been given lots of advice on the trompette over the years but I'm still not that good on it!


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      From: Richard York
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      Thanks again for all the help with triplets - I'm working on them, and it will take time, but there is hope!

      Meanwhile between that, and some fairly intensive practice on some new tunes, using the continuous buzz as part of the circle... I'm sure there's a proper name for that... I find I'm getting what the Northumbrian smallpipes world calls the grip of death when I hold the handle for the continuous buzz, and I'm getting the beginning of some carpal tunnel type wrist pain.

      Other than "force yourself to relax" and "stop playing until it goes away"  I'll once again be grateful for any helpful advice, please.

      Best wishes (ezz , ezzzzzz, ezezez) to all,

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